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Waiting List

Information about registering your child on the waiting list


Waiting List

Parents often ask us how long, in terms of time, is our waiting list. Unfortunately, this is an impossible question to answer. Although we of course know the number of children on the list, that information alone gives no indication of the length of time that it will take for a place to become available. The reasons for this are:


  • The school is located in an area of high mobility in terms of parents' employment and therefore children come and go from the school quite regularly.

  • Since the school's terms and conditions ask for one term's notice of a child leaving, we only know one term in advance of any vacancies arising.

The fact that we have a waiting list for children in a particular age group does not therefore mean that it will not be possible to obtain a place at the school. It simply means that we are not able to say when a place will become available. Our waiting lists, for any given admission date, are maintained in strict date order, determined by the date that we receive your registration form. Consequently, if you believe that you would like your child to attend the school in the future, it is important that you send us a registration form as early as possible. 

You can access a registration form here and once you have completed it please send it to the Admissions Secretary, either by post or by email.

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