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Letter from Principal

Welcome to River House Montessori Pre and Primary School.


When I started the school in 1994 my vision was to extend Montessori education beyond the nursery years into primary education and to create the atmosphere of a small village school in the heart of London Docklands. Montessori teaching principles encourage independence, motivation, self-confidence and a joy in learning.

Montessori teaching materials enable children to progress with confidence to a high academic level. Whilst furthering their academic knowledge, children learn respect and care for the environment and an appreciation of cultural and artistic matters.

At the core of the Montessori method is the belief that all teaching, to be truly effective, must be child centred.


At River House we follow this principle at all times; the school is non selective and children are taught as individuals, encouraged to strengthen their weaker points and to excel in their stronger areas. Since those early days in 1994 the school has expanded and developed but still today retains the village school atmosphere I was seeking then. We currently have around 180 pupils, from families of over forty to fifty different nationalities, ranging in age from 3 to 16 years.

The fertile minds of young children are nurtured and developed in our pre-school (age 3 and 4) and by the time that they move into our primary school reception class, at age 5, they are often reading and able to do addition and simple subtraction in mathematics. The primary school develops the children into well rounded individuals, both academically and personally, and they leave River House with a love of learning, enthusiastic, confident and prepared for the secondary stage of their education.

I hope that this website will give you a feeling of the ethos and atmosphere of the school. But to really appreciate what we offer I recommend that you come and have a look for yourself. Visit our open days page to learn more about visiting the school.

I look forward to meeting you.

Sarah Greenwood Mont Dip


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