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Our Ethos

River House Montessori is a school where, within a safe and friendly environment, each child is encouraged to stretch towards and reach their own potential, academically, emotionally and socially.


  • The children are each valued for their unique abilities and their contribution to the school community.

  • Children are encouraged to look for interests and opportunities and to have a passion for life.

  • We strive to give each child an understanding of, and compassion for, the world in which they live.

Why River House

What makes us unique is our fundamental principle that each child is an individual. Every child is able to learn in a manner that suits them, and age appropriate independence in learning and self-care is nurtured for even the youngest child.


River House is driven by its passion, adaptability and resilience, and the overall wellbeing and learning of each child is the driving force behind our success. Staff are equipped not only with the fundamental knowledge and skills in teaching, but also the ability to empathise with pupils, parents, and their colleagues.

Ultimately the success of River House Montessori School comes from our desire for pupils to grow, reach their goals and succeed in life. Our social and caring approach is what sets us apart.

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