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Policy and Procedure

and other statutory information


Policies and Procedures

We distinguish between:

Policies, which are the statements of our intentions regarding the way in which we fulfil our commitments and handle different aspects of our running of the school;


Procedures, which are the methods we use to ensure that our policies are put into practice.

The policies, although subject to regular review, are relatively stable and unlikely to change significantly over time. Procedures on the other hand may change more frequently in response to changing circumstances. 

A paper copy of the manual is provided at the school reception desk. The manual is an open document and this copy is available at all times for inspection by parents or visitors to the school. The entire manual is also available for staff on the school intranet (z:\policies and procedures manual). A further section, of supporting documents, is also available on the school intranet.  All staff, both full and part time, must ensure that they are familiar with all the contents of the manual – the policies and procedures apply to all. 


Anyone who has any comments on the policies or procedures or any recommendations for additions to the manual should contact the school Bursar. 

If at any time any person believes that the policies of the school are not being complied with then they are requested to bring this to the attention of a member of the senior management team at the first opportunity. 


Parents of children at the school and parents of prospective pupils may request (by sending an email to  copies, in electronic format, of any of our policies, procedures and statements. 

The entire manual is reviewed for update once every two years and individual procedures in the manual are updated between those times as the need arises. The list of policies and procedures contained in our manual can be seen via this link.


In addition it is a statutory requirement that the following two statements are available on our website:



These statements are also available in our manual.

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